Key Features:

Compact and Powerful Design:

  • Specifically designed for smaller homes.
  • Compact size for easy installation and space efficiency.
  • Packs a powerful punch with a high-speed 1.5kW thru-flow motor.

Advanced Filtration System:

  • Utilizes a forced cyclone in combination with an M-class HEPA cartridge filter.
  • HEPA filter ensures superior air quality by trapping fine particles.
  • Conical fitting with pressure ensures a secure and effective filtration process.

Motor Reliability:

  • Next-generation high-speed through-flow motor.
  • Guaranteed life of 800 hours, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Safety cut-out switch prevents operation without a properly fitted HEPA filter, enhancing motor protection.

Model Variations:

  • VAC Super Mini:
    • Height of 60cm.
    • Bin capacity of 20 litres.
  • VAC Mini:
    • Height of 70cm.
    • Larger bin capacity of 28 litres.

Optimized Performance Metrics:

  • Power: 1500W.
  • Air-Flow: 190m³/h.
  • Waterlift: 3,000 mm/H²O.
  • Airwatts: 550.
  • Hepa Cartridge filter surface area: 5,000 cm².
  • Noise level: ≤60 dB.
  • Weight: 12 kg.

Installation Recommendations:

  • Ideal for dwellings up to 300m².
  • Suitable for up to 6-7 inlet valves.
  • Ensures effective performance with a maximum distance of 30 meters from the unit to the furthest valve.

User-Friendly Safety Features:

  • Safety cut-out switch prevents unit activation if the HEPA filter is not fitted or is incorrectly installed.
  • Streamlined and user-friendly design for easy maintenance and operation.

Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for a variety of living spaces, providing efficient central vacuum cleaning for homes with varying sizes.

Low Noise Operation:

  • Operates at a noise level of ≤60 dB, ensuring a quiet cleaning experience.

High Bin Capacity:

  • VAC Mini with a bin capacity of 28 litres provides ample space for extended cleaning sessions.

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