Key Features:

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Europe’s premier MEV system, celebrated for unparalleled quietness.
  • Minimum noise level of 57.5 dB(A), providing a serene indoor environment.

Efficient Contaminated Air Extraction:

  • Specifically designed to efficiently extract contaminated and moisture-laden air from wet rooms.
  • Promotes a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

Built-in Humidity Sensor:

  • Features a built-in humidity sensor for optimal performance in diverse conditions.
  • Ensures precise control over ventilation based on moisture levels.

3-Speed Control:

  • Operates with a 3-speed control for reliable functionality.
  • Basic model with the option for advanced sensors and controls (not included).

System C Standards Compliance:

  • Manufactured in accordance with System C standards.
  • Guarantees low maintenance and minimal major expenses.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum flow rate of 400m3/h.
  • Seven 125mm connections for versatile installation.
  • BRE approval for smart and energy-efficient operation.

Compact and Flexible Design:

  • Compact dimensions (480mm x 480mm x 194mm) for wall mounting.
  • Provides flexibility in installation for varied indoor spaces.

Reliable Electric Motor:

  • Fitted with a direct current, thermally protected electric motor.
  • Operates with a safe 230V supply voltage for reliable performance.

Simplified Installation:

  • Simplified installation with specific guidance for wall mounting and outlet side.
  • Supports at least two extraction points for kitchen and multi-room ventilation.

Optimized Efficiency:

  • Maximizes efficiency with the recommendation for fixed ducts leading straight to the outside.

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