Key Features:

Mould and Condensation Solution:

  • Specifically designed to address hard-to-cure mould and condensation issues within homes.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement:

  • Effectively improves indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants and contaminants.

5-Year Maintenance-Free Guarantee:

  • Backed by a robust 5-year guarantee, offering peace of mind and reliability.

Near Silent Operation:

  • Operates near silently, minimizing disruption to the home environment.

Low Operating Costs:

  • Utilizes the latest Lo-Carbon motor technology for energy efficiency, resulting in low operating costs.

Complete Kit Inclusion:

  • Comes as a complete kit with a ceiling diffuser, flexible duct, and worm drive clips for easy installation.

Selectable Air Capacities:

  • Adjustable air capacities to suit floor areas up to 200m2, ensuring versatility for different home sizes.

Energy-Efficient Temper Heater:

  • Features a highly effective temper heater for reducing condensation and mould.

Ultra-Low Sound Level:

  • Operates with an ultra-low sound level for unobtrusive and quiet performance.

Installation Flexibility:

  • Anti-vibration legs offer flexibility during installation, ensuring silent running.

Smart Sense™ Technology:

  • Intuitive 3-button menu for easy setup and smart data logging capabilities.

Advanced Filtration System:

  • Unique F7 filters capable of filtering down to PM2.5, including harmful diesel particulates.

IPX2 Rated and BBA Assessment:

  • Holds an IPX2 rating and is currently under assessment with the British Board of Agreement (BBA), ensuring quality.

Temperature Monitoring and Adjustment:

  • Sensor-monitored temperature in the loft automatically adjusts air volume for efficient operation.

Adaptive Ventilation Modes:

  • Continuous silent ventilation in ‘Trickle’ mode; switches to ‘Normal’ mode when excess heat is detected.

Summer Stand-By Mode:

  • Enters ‘stand-by’ mode during summer to halt warm air circulation for a more comfortable living environment.

Flexible 500W Heater:

  • Fully flexible heater with an option to be installed at diffuser level, reducing heat loss through ducting.

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