Key Features:

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

The unit features a high-efficiency, backward-curved impeller design, ensuring the lowest energy consumption. This not only helps in reducing electricity costs but also aligns with environmental sustainability.

Ultra-Quit Operation:

The design prioritizes quiet operation, making it ideal for scenarios where noise is a critical concern. This is especially beneficial for residential settings like apartments and care homes, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Versatile Performance:

With an exceptional performance range covering small one-bedroom apartments to larger houses, the Sentinel Kinetic Plus B is versatile. It can cater to the ventilation needs of various residential settings, including care homes and student accommodations.

Adaptable Spigot Options:

The ability to re-position spigots allows for flexible installation configurations, accommodating both horizontal and vertical connections. This adaptability is crucial in commercial installations with diverse duct work requirements.

Commercial Applications and Building Management System (BMS) Capability:

The unit is well-suited for commercial applications, such as care homes and student accommodations, where ventilation needs are more complex. The BMS capability enables landlords and property managers to monitor and optimize building performance efficiently.

Acoustic Solutions:

The availability of an Acoustic Enclosure to reduce breakout noise and an Acoustic Top Box to minimize in-duct noise at key frequencies addresses concerns about noise pollution, making it suitable for environments where noise control is crucial.

Ease of Maintenance:

The quick-change filter design facilitates easy access in restricted spaces, a practical feature for systems placed within cupboards. This contributes to simplified maintenance procedures.

Humidity Control and Nighttime Setback Feature:

The integral humidity sensor adjusts ventilation speed based on relative humidity levels, promoting energy savings and reduced noise. The nighttime setback feature prevents nuisance tripping by gradually adjusting humidity with falling temperatures.

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