Home extension

Modular rooflights allow you to seamlessly attach a limitless number of fixed and/or opening rooflights together.

They are the perfect solution for homes where you want to maximise natural light, with the added option to combine both fixed and opening units for ventilation. Their design with a push/fix upstand means that installation is simple in manageable sections and their unlimited potential makes them an excellent choice for large spaces.

As our opening rooflights have motors hidden within the insulated upstand, there’s no visible difference between the fixed and opening panels, and no impact on the sleek, contemporary design.

All Modular rooflights come with a custom-made upstand, allowing for a snug air and water-tight fit. The insulated upstand provides outstanding U Values as low as 0.65W/m2K for our triple glazed rooflights (way below building regulations), keeping the heat in and energy bills down.

Our rooflights feature a low-profile aluminium frame for a smooth finish, allowing water to drain away without pooling. There’s also the option to add rain and temperate sensors to our opening units, taking out the hassle of the somewhat unpredictable Great British weather.

When it comes to safety, we have you covered with a laminated inner pane as standard and toughened outer glass, stress-tested to the highest standards for the best in performance and peace of mind.

The beauty of Modular rooflights is that you can combine any number of units, opening or fixed, each made-to-measure for your home.


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