French doors

Our range of Fixed rooflights includes the option for Lid-Only (i.e. no upstand / kerb) or with insulated Upstand. If you or somebody else is planning make the upstand yourself, then we have a large number of Lid-Only sizes in stock and ready for delivery nationwide in just a few days.

If outstanding energy efficiency and keeping those energy bills down is high on the priority list, then a Fixed rooflight with upstand is a great option, boasting U values as low as 0.65Wmk – way below building regulations. Our insulated upstands also make installation so simple and ensure the perfect air and water-tight fit.

From a technical and safety point of view, our Fixed rooflights won’t let you down. With a laminated 8.8m inner pane as standard in both our double and triple glazed units, along with an 8mm toughened outer pane(s), stress-tested for the best in performance and peace of mind.

The sleek, low profile aluminium frame finishes flush with the glass, allowing water to drain away without pooling.

If we don’t have the perfect size already in stock, then you can choose bespoke and we’ll have your Fixed rooflight custom-made to your measurements.


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