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When you’re looking to get on with the job, you want somebody who can respond quickly! Of course, you still want the best in product standards, so we’ve covered that too.

Our stock rooflights, designed for flat roofs, are ready for delivery UK-wide in just a few days, hassle-free. We have a large selection of rooflights to choose from, including Fixed Lid-Only rooflights, Fixed with Upstand and Opening rooflights.

All of our rooflights feature laminated inner panes as standard, with toughened outer panes stress-tested to the highest standards for the best in performance and peace of mind.

Extending beyond their smooth, sleek design, with aluminium frames making them the perfect choice for contemporary living spaces, our products boast extraordinary energy efficiency with U Values as low as 0.65W/m2K for our triple glazed rooflights with insulated upstands.

You can also rely on smart functionality and a sleek finish with our electronically opening rooflights featuring hidden motors installed within the cavity, for operation at the simple touch of a button.

We have a large number of sizes in stock and ready for delivery across the UK in a matter of days – no waiting, no chasing, just outstanding products with remarkable service.

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