Home extension

Beautifully designed, clever features and the perfect rooflight to accompany any contemporary home.

From a technical and safety point of view, our Opening rooflights have you covered. With a laminated 8.8m inner pane as standard in both our double and triple glazed units, along with an 8mm toughened outer pane(s), stress-tested for the best in performance and peace of mind.

All our Opening rooflights come with a custom-made insulated upstand, allowing for a snug air and water-tight fit, installed with ease and providing outstanding U Values as low as 0.65W/m2K (way below building regulations), to keep the heat in and energy bills down.

Looking to design and the more exciting parts of functionality, our electronically Opening rooflights are designed for a sleek and smooth finish, with hidden motors installed within the cavity, and a low-profile aluminium frame allowing water to drain away without pooling. There’s also the option to add rain and temperate sensors, taking out the hassle of the somewhat unpredictable Great British weather.

We have a number of sizes in stock and ready for delivery across the UK in a matter of days, or you can choose bespoke and we’ll have your Opening rooflight custom-made to your measurements.


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