White render house

“We’d been drawn to Tunbridge Wells for a long time but couldn’t find what we wanted,” say homeowners Clive and Linda. “We started to consider self-build but thought that the combined cost of the land and a new house would be out of our reach.  Eventually, we found a plot in Wadhurst which had an existing cottage.

“Given that the cottage was small we knew we’d only get permission for a footprint increase of 30%, so a basement provided opportunity for further living space. We had clear vision for the design of the house. Then the house manufacturer advised that a plant room was needed for boiler and ventilation system.

“We started to imagine how cluttered the space would feel if it were integrated into the living area and realised that this was not ideal. It made sense to incorporate the plant room into a basement.

The basement provides extra living space including home gym, laundry room, storage and a sizeable plant room. The gym benefits from natural light through two light wells, which have been covered with reinforced glass at ground level to prevent rainwater, leaves and general debris from building up.

“Our basement is accessed via the main oak staircase, giving a free-flow feeling between the floors and meaning that the basement is incorporated within the main house. The stairwell also allows for borrowed light into the basement.

“Our experience of Glatthaar Keller has been a totally positive one. The basement and structure of the house is incredibly solid and sound, and the basement, although it has little natural light, is really bright.”

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