The client decided the village of Bosham was the perfect place to retire and the self-build route created their ideal house.  The basement was a good idea because not only did it free up storage in the living area, but also created useful extra room. Extending downwards rather than outwards creates living space whilst keeping the garden.


The Plant room is essential for house services. The client has additional comfortable living areas.  It is very light because the basement has glass doors and windows. Due to very good air circulation, the air is always fresh. It is a living space which can be used for extra activities, be it hobbies, a bit of DIY or wine tasting with friends.


Glatthaar created all aspects of the basement. Once the ground slabs had cured, the lorry arrived, and various pieces of individual walls were quickly inserted and attached. It fitted together like a puzzle. The total process took about two weeks. Finally, the staircase was brought in as one massive piece of concrete.

Learning points

“The basement really was a big journey. The house builder is responsible for the ground plate up. Little did we know when we first heard the expression what this meant, because groundworks are a big part of the building project. If you then decide to go for a basement, especially as our basement is the size of the house, then you must plan the space precisely.” – Client quote

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