With our wide range of bespoke, custom-made doors we are able to create a beautiful appearance that will integrate seamlessly into your property and stand the test of time.

Engineered and handcrafted in our workshops, these doors are innovative with their construction.

Our metal and stone door is as strong on the inside as it looks outside thanks to a bonded composite panel that gives strength while being independently tested for lifespans of over 50 years!

You can be sure that our doors will keep your home warm and dry. Based in Cornwall, we’re only too aware of the need for achieving high weather ratings; they have been independently tested to achieve insulation levels as low 0.79W/m2!

The design of your front door is a personal statement that will reflect you and the home. We work with our clients to make sure it’s perfect, down every detail!

From £4,550+vat Including delivery
Maximum Size 1200mm x 2400mm.

Side hung or concealed hinges.

1200mm round or square stainless bar handle powder coated if required.
Outside and Inside of door sash Gunmetal/Bronze/Stone.

Outer Frame Sprayed In a colour of choice.

Optional additions

Rectangular or square aperture

Oxidised iron or copper patina finish.

Tessellation effect (Raised Panels)

Thumbprint or keypad entry

LED lighting to back of square handle

LED lighting to inside of concealed handle

316 stainless Letterbox


Sidelights and Glass

Doors must not equal an overall width of more than 2.1m including sidelights or or additional delivery charges may apply.

Optional additions pricing available on request.

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