Luxurious surfaces & textures

Inspiration Doors are painted with a unique metal active coating, the final crafted design with its individual markings and differences will make your door totally unique.

We take great pride in the work we do and create unique beautiful bespoke doors that are both functional & aesthetically pleasing. We work alongside you during every step of your design process to achieve an ultimate front door for any property!

We are proud to offer the best in insulation and weather protection with our doors. Our products have been independently tested, achieving 0.79W/m2

Our new slate door range makes it possible to have a very thin stone slab surface layer, which then gives way for an individualized look. The coating provides the feel and appearance of solid stone despite its lightness!

FROM ONLY £2,680 plus VAT Including Delivery.

Maximum size 1050mm x 2200mm

Side hung on butt hinges

1200mm round stainless bar handle

Multi point auto lock

Outside of door sash in either Gunmetal, Stone or Bronze

Outer frame sprayed in a colour of choice

Inside frame sprayed in a colour of choice

Inside of door can have horizontal or vertical grooves

Optional additions

Oxidised Iron or Copper patina finish

Handle powder coated in any RAL colour

Thumbprint or keypad entry

316 stainless Letterbox


Rectangular or square aperture

Sidelights & Glass

Doors must not equal an overall width of 2m including sidelights or additional delivery charges may apply

Optional additions pricing available on request

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