Our Inspiration door range is perfect for making a statement with your front entrance. These beautiful and eye catching focal points will always create the wow factor.

No two doors are alike, as each door is individually made to your specifications. You can pick from a variety of handles and locks for the perfect look!

With options like multi-point locks that can be locked with basic slam shut, key fob and finger print recognition; our pivot door leaf is as secure as they come.

The range of surface and textured finishes that we offer is as diverse, if not more so than any other company on the market. From simply different timbers to tessellated surfaces; stone or metal-we have you covered!

All of our doors have been independently tested and achieve an average weather rating of 0.79W/m2 which means you can rest assured knowing your home will be well protected from the elements!

Engineered and handcrafted in our workshops, these doors are innovative. Our metal/stone panels give you strength with independently tested lifespans over 50 years!

From £6,680+vat including delivery

Maximum size 1700mm x 2550mm

Pivot operation

Metal or Stone inside and out

Outer frame sprayed in a colour of choice

Powder coated handle round or square or concealed handle to external face

Auto lock

Optional additions

Tessellation effect (Raised Panels)

Thumbprint or keypad entry

LED lighting to back of square handle

LED lighting to inside of concealed handle

316 stainless Letterbox


Rectangular or square aperture

Oxidised iron or patina copper finish

Sidelights and glass

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