A self-build warranty is a really important consideration for anyone undertaking a new self-build or conversion project. You can also use one on an extension, or a remodelling project. The product works with all build routes including turnkey, self-managed or DIY. The self-build structural warranty covers building defects that may have crept in during the build. Unfortunately those defects don’t manifest themselves until many years after the project is completed. And can turn out to be extremely expensive to fix. Protek’s self-build warranty product has been specifically created to cover those crucial elements of the property.

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Because not everyone undertaking a self-build project will have building experience, you might not realise mistake are being made. This doesn’t mean you can’t manage the project, but if you don’t know what you are looking for technically then it’s a good idea to have someone else look over the project for you. That’s what we do, but we also insure it for 10 years as well, just to make sure.

Our self-build structural warranty policy covers defects in the design, workmanship, materials and components of the project. Should these elements fail and cause damage or weather proofing issues, you will be covered.

Rectifying damage to your home as a result of structural failure will be incredibly expensive to fix and doesn’t bear thinking about. This is why having self-build warranty cover in place is so important.


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