Wooden decking

Thermopine is a product with enhanced stability and durability, produced by modifying European-grown Scots Pine, using only heat, steam and pressure. This results in reducing the wood’s tendency to shrink and swell and also reduces its vulnerability to wood destroying organisms.

Sawn from slow grown small diameter logs, Thermopine boards display tight grain figuring with an abundance of live (structurally sound) knots, in an equal mix of round and splay knots. Some knots may display cracks or chipped off edges. Our Thermopine decking is profiled for use with SIHGA SenoFix. The SenoFix provides a fixing-free face and therefore a clean, refined surface. The risk of unsightly overdriven screws and resulting water traps are eliminated.

  • Graded to VEH Top grade as per grading rules of the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry
  • Thermo-D, durability class BS EN 350-1 Class 2, above ground situations
  • Unlimited number and size of sound knots, pith allowed. Chipped off parts of knots are permitted in a maximum of 15% of goods
  • The RW214 and RW215 (GripDeck) profiles specially designed for SenoFix
  • Lengths 3.3-5.1, supplied in running meters
  • Moisture content of approximately 6% – 8% (+/-2%) after modification (light in weight)
  • FSC certified product sourced from sustainable forests
  • Toxin and chemical free

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