Russwood’s Thermopine is a thermally modified timber cladding solution with enhanced stability and durability.

Produced using Scandinavian grown Scots Pine, the modification process uses heat and steam to reduce the wood’s tendency to shrink and swell, making it less susceptible to damage from moisture and wood-destroying organisms. This results in a more stable and durable product, making it the ideal substrate for paint coating.  Less substrate movement means a paint coating can last up to three times longer than when applied to non-modified timbers, substantially reducing the maintenance requirement and in turn, the lifetime cost of the product.

If left uncoated, Thermopine boards have a uniform dark honey brown colour which will quickly weather to grey. To achieve a weathered appearance without the wait, Thermopine can be factory coated with SiOO:X; a water-based silicone technology which is available in Original, Light Grey and Mid Grey.

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