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Russwood’s Scotlarch is a sustainable, durable and cost-effective cladding solution.

Supplied using locally sourced heartwood of Scottish Larch, we select the best grade available before regrading it to our own exacting standards, ensuring that all boards are sapwood free on exposed faces for enhanced durability.

A naturally durable timber, Scotlarch boards come in a warm mix of colours ranging from pale orange to reddish brown. Frequent knots demonstrate its natural origins and provide a characterful, rugged appearance.

It is best suited to designs aiming for a more rustic and traditional aesthetic in ‘board on board’ and other simple arrangements.

In ideal conditions the timber weathers to a beautiful muted shade of silver/grey. To achieve a weathered appearance without the wait, Scotlarch can be factory coated with SiOO:X; a water-based silicone technology which is available in Original, Light Grey and Mid Grey.

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