Warmfloors Church conversion

This was a more unusual installation for WarmFloors. The customer was looking for a “all-in-one” underfloor heating company. The converted church already had underfloor heating installed in 2003, and the brief was to move some underfloor heating pipes to make way for a new room and staircase, upgrade the manifolds and heating controls to smart phone compatible.

After agreeing the finer detail we set about breaking out the old screed, drained down the underfloor heating system and removed the old pipework. The insulation was in good condition so we re-used this and installed the new underfloor heating pipes over the top allowing for the new room and staircase.

The next day we installed 75mm thick liquid screed and pumped it through a window due to difficult access.

Once this part of the job had been completed we set about removing and upgrading the old manifolds a 12 port and 7 port was used in this installation and at the same time we replaced all 13 thermostats with Heatmiser Neostat’s and Neohub for the smart phone compatibility. Whilst undertaking this work we also ironed out the boiler wiring in the plant room.

The whole project was completed in 4 days and now the customer has complete control of the underfloor heating rather than the heating being in control of the customer!

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