Graven Hill to Release Plots

by Andrew Hobbs
21st June 2016

The Graven Hill Village Development Company (GHVDC) is set to release 27 plots for sale from July onwards as part of the initial stage of the custom build scheme.

Phase 1A of the process will begin on 11th July, when the sales procedure will open for those living and working in the Cherwell District Council area, via a price reveal for 10 golden brick plots and 17 shell build terrace/mews-style homes.

This will include a range of plot sizes and buyers can be as hands on as they like, with a range of self and custom build options available.

The initial phase includes 158 plots overall, which will be made available in batches. These early sites will be in and around Graven Hill Village Centre, the first part of the development to take shape. The plan is for roads and other infrastructure to evolve appropriately as each batch is released. The site includes three tiers of control with regards to design, with tight- and medium-controlled areas, as well as some plots that have very few design constraints, which should facilitate innovative and creative builds.

“This is an exciting milestone. Our approach includes learning and developing the project as it progresses and as we grow this new market. Gradual release of the land is vital to the long-term success of Graven Hill,” says Philip Singleton, managing director at GHVDC.

Golden brick sales will open to the national market on 22nd August. It is expected that eventually there will 1,741 new homes at Graven Hill.

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