House Plans: Four Bedroom House Renovation & Extension in Newcastle

by Build It
13th November 2018

Carole and Ben Hepburn embarked on a thorough renovation and extension of their outdated 1950s home in Newcastle.

After living in the house for a couple years, the couple was able to really understand what they needed from their home and how to design a renovation that would fit their lifestyle.

At first the couple had no plans to make radical changes to the house. They had £60,000 to spend on refurbishments and, after selling their London flat, their main goal was to live mortgage-free.

“I’ve renovated quite a few properties in the past,” says Carole. “From those experiences, I knew we could just about afford to make a few alterations to the kitchen and bathrooms, decorate, and put doors in the dining room to improve access into the garden.”

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First floor:

house plans

Ground floor:house plans

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