How Can We Guarantee Work We DIY?

16 March 2022
by Barbara Hickey

Hi I hope someone can advise us.

We are working on a self build where we are not only managing the project, but also building much of it ourselves. My other half is a qualified bricklayer and has used his skills over the last 35 years through his own work and on various renovations for our own homes.

We're struggling to find a structural warranty that will guarantee his work on the house and cover us correctly, if we decide to sell within the next 10 years. Is there an indemnity or something we can take out? We have not broken ground yet.


2 Answers

  1. Anamika Talwaria says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for your question. I have popped this through to our experts and hope to have an answer for you shortly.

    Best wishes,
    Anamika Talwaria (features editor, Build It)

  2. Simon Middleton says:

    A self build warranty will provide you with the cover you require, but you must live in the property for at least 12 months post completion before it will provide Successor In Title Cover (for the new purchaser). If you are planning to sell immediately, then you will be classed as a developer. As such, you will need to take responsibility during the first two years.

    The insurance market has changed dramatically over the past two years and so finding a self build warranty provider can be tricky. Protek has a self build warranty scheme, where indemnities would not be required, which will reopen on the 31st March 2022 and will provide the cover you require if you are planning to live in it initially.

    Best wishes,
    Simon Middleton (MD, Protek)

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