What Roof Lanterns can Reduce Light Spillage?

16 May 2022
by Jacky Prevost

We live in a green belt and AONB that is also in an International Dark Sky area. What solutions would you suggest for a roof lantern that will limit the light spillage?

The planners rejected our first design that was too ‘bulky’ and took too much open space. We based our plans off one's from our neighbour, and we’re only going for the same as they have - but apparently the green belt rules have changed since their extension was built.

So we compromised and reduced the two-storey bulk and put a flat roof with a roof lantern over half the extension. The planners are now saying to remove lantern or provide specifications for blackout blinds to reduce light spillage.

I wonder if there is some kind of glass that can reduce light spillage? The three companies I have spoken to have not even heard of the policy! We need help and advice as to where to go from here.

Many thanks, Jacky

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