Triple glazed windows

At 21°, we believe you thrive in the places where you experience comfort.

Discover our range of high performance windows & doors for low energy and Passivhaus homes. We improve the very fabric of your building, making it energy efficient and a healthier and more comfortable place to me.

Our most energy efficient windows and doors introduce a slimmer frame whilst maintaining dual compression seals for achieving high airtightness standards. Make a genuine difference to the comfort of your home by keeping your home warm during the colder months and cooler during the summer.

Our ranges:

  •      GBS-78 and GBS-78A – suited to low energy projects with U vales as low as 0.75 W/m2K
  •      GBS-98 and GBS98-A, suited to ultra-low energy projects including Passivhaus with U values as low as 0.71 W/m2K

So, trust in our 30 years of experience helping people create energy efficient dream homes. Let us be part of your team, and we’ll be with you every step of the way, delivering comfort by making buildings better.

We believe in better building

Delivery a low energy or Passivhaus building is complex, and you need a solution rather than a single product.

At 21°, we are committed to using a whole house approach to provide better performing buildings from  comfort, cost and carbon perspective. We supply a range of specialist products and services, including triple glazed timber windows, MVHR heat recovery ventilation, insulation and airtightness products.

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