Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) provides fresh, filtered air that promotes a healthy, comfortable environment for your home and family. It also recovers the heat from the stale, polluted air that is being extracted and uses this heat to prewarm the fresh air being brought into the home.

Well-designed and correctly installed heat recovery ventilation systems should be practically unnoticeable and virtually inaudible to the inhabitants while ensuring good air quality throughout the building. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is a relatively new technology in the UK and problems can arise if it is poorly designed or installed. For complete peace of mind, come to the experts on MVHR for Passivhaus

and low energy projects for quiet, efficient and robust heat recovery ventilation systems.

A correctly installed MVHR system can bring a host of benefits to your home and family.

It will:

  • Ensure an even temperature throughout the home and eliminate the need for natural ventilation, therefore eliminating cold drafts.
  • Extract excess moisture, stale air and odours.
  • Extract housebound pollutants such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from items such as paints and carpets.
  • Deliver fresh filtered air, free of pollutants and pollen without the need to open windows.
  • Solve the problem of heat loss from ventilating your home e.g. opening windows and letting cold air in.
  • Eradicate the need for trickle vents and bathroom and kitchen extractors which dump heat to the outside.
  • Be a fully controllable system with a user-friendly interface.
  • Exceed the current Building Regulation requirements for ventilation, creating a comfortable and healthy internal air quality.
  • Be designed and installed to PassivHaus standards.

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