Our client, wanted the Adventure of a Self-Build.  However, soon realised that managing a self-build is all consuming, and the key to success was going to be organisation. Decisions needed to be made daily, and this is where the Project Manager took the lead and stress.

Our Gloucester based Project Manager was appointed to oversee the job. In the role of Contract Administrator, he was integral to making sure all parties carried out the work to the terms written in the contract.

During the planning stage, CLPM’s energy consultant was appointed to oversee the heating system and energy plans. The clients wish for a renewable energy source was designed in conjunction with their chosen installation company. CLPM were able to ensure the plans were the most suitable ones for the property and oversee the installation.

CLPM’s Quantity Surveying team helped the clients monitor their budget via monthly cost reporting. This provided the reassurance our client was looking for to ensure the build cost they had planned per square meter was kept to.

Our client is delighted with CLPM and had this to say, ‘I thought the team were very organised and knowledgeable and did a great job in coordinating the project’.

One of the build highlights was a traditional topping out ceremony which was a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate the achievement.

Our client has since been enjoying his home.

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