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This basement extension and refurbishment project shows how a modest, suburban Edwardian house can be transformed to become an exciting family home.

Our client’s home is not only beautiful to look at, it was approached in a slick way using a team of experts including an architect, an interior designer and CLPM.

Our main role was to help our clients to keep a tight control of the project from a financial perspective, and to appoint the build team and then monitor and control the build onsite.

If you live in an urban area, a basement extension is a popular way of extending your home. However, the costs to build a basement extension can vary widely according to where you live, the exact methods required and the fit-out.

Rather than relying on a cost per square metre figure it’s wise to get an estimating professional such as CLPM to ensure the build costs for your designs will be within your budget. Then you’ll be able to set a realistic budget and you can refine your plans or specifications before applying for planning permission.

Once planning permission is granted, and the building regulations drawings are complete, you can start the process of getting builder quotations. Get a professional like CLPM to help and carry out a competitive tender and manage the builder appointment– it’s money well spent. We can get you the most competitive, accurate prices and help avoid nasty overspends later on.

If you lack experience or you’re not able to closely manage your project onsite, appoint an independent project manager such as us to act as your Contract Administrator, as these clients did.

Our services used by the client: Budget estimate, competitive tender process, contractor appointment, monthly cost reporting and contract administration.

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