D&M modern build with wood cladding

Building this beautiful contemporary home on a garden plot was a challenge, with D&M Homes negotiating difficult site access and complicated level differences.  Although the client had experience from previous extension and renovation projects, they felt out of their depth with a self-build, so decided to use our services.


The couple were after a contemporary design with a light, airy and open-plan interior.  The land came with some complicated elements that the design team needed to overcome, as the structure needed to make the best use of the site and avoid overlooking. To achieve this, the team paid careful attention to detail, whilst ensuring that the project did not run over-budget.


The couple needed to engage a civil engineer and a reasonable amount of earth had to be moved to facilitate the build.  The narrow steep access meant that a fire engine couldn’t reach the property so an automatic sprinkler system was required.  D&M Homes’ flexible approach meant that they had a choice of construction methods and a choice of main contractors.


Thrilled with the results, the client feels that the scheme far exceeds their initial expectations of their garden site’s potential.

Discover more about the project and D&M’s services here.


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