We provide many different species of Glulam including Douglas Fir, Larch and Oak as well as certain species of hardwood. Our central locations give us easy access to all parts of the country and makes it a viable option for customers to collect. We have skilled carpenters and equipment to perform complex machining to Glulam beams purchased from us and supply beams for your project in kit form for easy assembly on-site.
We take your concept and create a visual representation to ensure our vision matches yours. We then prepare detailed plans, and our production department ensures your Glulam Product is delivered on time and to specification.
All our Glulam products are sourced from sustainable sources ensuring that our environment is preserved and are an eco-friendly alternative to concrete and steel, its durability is second to none, it is light and easy to handle, requires no boxing in or cladding and Glulam can be pre-cambered to counteract the effects of deflection in long spans.


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