Open plan kitchen

When this family embarked on their knock-down and rebuild project, they knew that they wanted a fully integrated Niko Home Control solution in their new house.

In the end, the family opted for a variety of exciting features, including NHC’s lighting control, ventilation control, touch screen control and video entry and SONOS, among many other integrated electrical installations.

“The company are fantastic to work with and the team are great. We got on from the minute we met at the show. I especially loved the video entry system and remote access capabilities of Niko. Although not part of Niko Home Control, Amina’s Invisible speakers are also one of the family’s favourite features.

We have teenage children and the video entry system allows me to lie in bed and let them in when they’re home from an evening out without having to get out of bed. I know they’re home safely but I don’t have to move and I know they won’t take their keys out with them and lose them!”

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