In Macclesfield, UK, a couple settled into their new Passive House, appreciating its modern design and expansive windows that provided stunning views. However, they quickly encountered discomfort due to excessive heat and glare from the sun. They sought a solution to maintain comfort without compromising the aesthetics of their home.

They reached out to Solar-Shield Exterior Shading for help. After checking out their place, Solar-Shield suggested a mix of external Venetian blinds and MicroLouvre screens for the upper-level windows. These would block out excess heat and glare while still letting them enjoy the views. Plus, they recommended a patio awning to shade their sliding doors and create a cozy spot outside.

Once everything was set up, the couple noticed a big change. The blinds and screens did their job well, keeping things cool inside without spoiling the natural light. And the patio awning made their outdoor space way more inviting, perfect for chilling out or having friends over.

In the end, Solar-Shield Exterior Shading’s smart solutions not only fixed the heat and glare problem but also made the Passive House even more comfortable and welcoming, transforming it into a haven where the couple could truly relax and enjoy their surroundings, both indoors and outdoors.

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