In Shropshire, we recently installed a striking ShadeSign awning for a client seeking to shade their expansive patio area. With a stunning new residence, our client aimed to create shade that seamlessly covered the vast patio space.

Responding to the client’s needs, their architect had envisioned a pergola system near the distinct Apex-shaped patio doors to bring shade into the core living area. Our task was to find a shading solution that seamlessly integrated with this pergola.

After thorough evaluation, we chose the Shade Shadow System by ShadeSign. This innovative system combines the features of an awning and a shade sail, offering flexibility in design. Unlike traditional awnings, it can be designed with a zero-degree fall and narrower projection.

Opting for this product allowed us to achieve shade coverage over a significantly larger expanse – up to an impressive 6×6 meters! The system’s unfurling process is ingeniously simple, with tension cords winding effortlessly through rotating cord cones to ensure tautness in every position. Operating the Shade Shadow System is effortless – it can be extended within seconds and retracted just as quickly using the control cord.

In conclusion, our installation of the ShadeSign awning not only provided effective shade for our client’s patio but also added an elegant touch to their outdoor space, showcasing the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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