unico retrofit bungalow

Installation Background

  • Installation Date: Summer 2021
  • Property Type: Off-gas one bedroom bungalow
  • Unico System: 1218 BL1 Blower Module, S.M.A.R.T. Control, Variable Speed EC Motor, 1218 CL1 Heatpump Coil Module & Ultraviolet Lighting System for air purification
  • Energy Source: Daikin Altherma EDLQ-CV3 air to water monobloc heat pump
  • Controls: Nest – Pro Learning Thermostat

Property & occupants

  • Householders in this property type are more likely to be elderly and less mobile
  • Many householders have downsized to a smaller property, and with a lifetime of possessions means that space can be at a premium.  Radiators and panel heaters may become obstructed and this impedes heating and the flow of air within the property.
  • Costly and inefficient heating systems are less likely to be used.  This results in under heated, poorly ventilated properties that may be subject to damp and mould.
  • Householders often create conditions that are likely to cause issues., ie, don’t open windows, cook without lids, don’t close the door to the bathroom, hang wet washing by heaters, etc.

To meet these challenges, they turned to the Unico System.


The aim of this project was to provide a system that delivers efficient, high-quality heating, cooling and ventilation to an existing traditional build bungalow.  The system needed to be controllable, efficient, simple, effective and affordable.  The installation was required to address issues of ventilation, indoor air quality and possible overheating within the property.


Mid Devon District Council selected the Unico system based on its innovative design which delivers conditioned and enhanced indoor air quality.  The system integrates a humidistat controlled MEV and maintains an exchange of fresh air to the property.  The advantage of being able to locate the distribution system in the roof space.  The longer term operational benefits include the price point and the integration of known technologies (Air Source Heat Pump).  The enhanced environmental controls maintain healthy households, reducing pressure on the local NHS and GP surgeries.

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