Glass home perfectly blends in with surrounding nature

Charley Ward
by Charley Ward
19th April 2019

Situated in a stunning lakeside location in the Cotswolds, this striking abode is shrouded by an oasis of trees and plants, hiding it from view and blending it seamlessly with the green surroundings.

The architects at Mecanoo wanted to create a home that combined transparency and sustainability while forging a strong relationship between the villa and the beautiful countryside it inhabits.

Sightlines, materials, colours and lighting were all heavily considered, with the house being designed from the inside out to ensure it maintained uninterrupted vistas for the owners.

Plants along the waterline alternate with stepping stones, guiding you through the garden, while terraces on two levels connect the property to the landscape and anchor the residence firmly within its natural setting.

Expansive glass windows help to blur the boundaries between the inside and outdoor spaces.

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