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3 April 2018
by Archive User

We have planning permission (in my fathers name) to knock down my father's bungalow and build two semi detached houses.

At the moment my father owns all the land however at some point (before we start construction) we will be gifted half of the land. So one new house will be owned by my father and one house will be owned by me.

We currently need to fill out the CIL redemption forms as we are first time self-builders.

So my questions are:

At what point should my father gift the land to us?

Can we fill CIL forms out now in my fathers name or do we have to fill out one per dwelling, and in what names as we don’t own the land yet?

Any help regarding CIL forms would be great.

Thank you

Hayley Buckingham

One Answer

  1. Mike Hardwick says:

    The CIL exemption will be specific to each new house not to your father’s existing bungalow and land, so separate the title of the land first and then make the application for CIL exemption for each new dwelling.

    It would make sense to link the separation of title with the demolition of the existing bungalow and submit the CIL exemption forms (Form 7 Part 1) as soon as it is down.. Do make sure to follow the CIL guidance to the letter, because there have been instances where technicalities or small breaches of process have resulted in full payment of CIL.

    Make sure you use the correct documents, fill them in accurately and be sure to notify your local authority before any work commences on site (Form 6). Remember that you will have to agree to live in each property for 3 years from completion (Form 7 Part 2) otherwise full CIL will be payable. The correct forms can be obtained via this link:

    – Mike Hardwick, Build It expert

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