How Smart Heating Controls Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Engineer Richard Griffiths tells us why he switched to smart heating control after renovating his home
Worcester Bosch Group
by Worcester Bosch Group
31st October 2017

When Richard Griffiths purchased his first home, he quickly realised replacing the existing combi boiler needed to be top of his renovation list.

A professional heating engineer by trade, Richard knew he’d be wasting energy and money if he continued to use the 15-year-old gas-fired boiler.

With years of installing these appliances under his belt, Richard was able to do the work himself. He fitted an efficient new combi boiler, controller, radiators and pipework.

With experience of many different brands, he decided on Worcester, Bosch Group’s CDi classic boiler for its reliable space heating and hot water performance.

Case Study
  • OwnerRichard Griffiths
  • LocationDarlington
  • ProjectRenovation
  • House sizeThree-bedroom terraced house
  • ProductGreenstar CDi Classic, Greenstar System Filter and Wave Smart Control
  • SupplierWorcester, Bosch Group

Advanced controls were a must-have to help maximise the system’s effectiveness, and Worcester’s Wave Smart Control was the natural choice.

The easy-to-use app gives Richard, who owns Orchard Heating and Plumbing, the ability to run the system from his smartphone. It also increased the warranty period on his new boiler.

The Wave Smart Control allows Richard complete freedom to monitor and adjust his heating and hot water on the go.

“I am often in and out of the house at different times so being able to turn the heating on exactly when I need it is invaluable,” says Richard. “It has also allowed me to save money on my energy bills by ensuring the system is not on when it is not needed.”

smart heating control
Gas hob

What’s more, the setup offers load and weather compensating features that measure the internal and external climate.

This ensures that the boiler only fires up at the power needed to reach the desired temperature.

Research has shown that this functionality can deliver extra savings of 4% per year.

“Previously, the amount of energy I used to heat my home and hot water was something of a mystery,” says Richard. “With the Wave in place I’ve been able to monitor my energy usage more closely via the app and cut-out unnecessary waste.

Heating engineer Richard next to Worcester Bosch boiler

“Now I can personally recommend these products to my customers – and it’s extremely handy to be able to show them how easy the app is to use on my phone.”

The sleek look of the unit fits neatly with the contemporary scheme Richard has planned for the property.

“Now I’ve moved on to renovating and redecorating other areas of my house, it’s reassuring to have a reliable system to provide heating and hot water – even if the rest of the place is still a building site,” says Richard.

Worcester, Bosch Group offers a variety of controls compatible with its boilers to provide ease of use for the homeowner and improve efficiency. You can expect to pay around £250 for Worcester’s Wave internet-connected control when installed by a qualified heating engineer. For more information call 0330 123 9339 or visit

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