The Brief

Originally intended as the refurbishment and extension of an existing farmstead, this project was transformed by resiting the property as a new building further up the hillside to take advantage of the panoramic views of the Scottish coastline.

Realisation of Potential

The quite stunning relocation of the building was required, for planning approval, to have minimal impact on its surroundings and to this end was designed as partly earth sheltered, set back into the hillside to reduce the building profile. Although there is a large area of glazing on the exposed elevation to maximise the views from the property, the glazing is inclined to prevent the reflection of sunlight and minimise visual impact.

Coping with Logistics

The isolated position of the project meant that access to building materials and construction plant was limited – a problem partly resolved by specification of BecoWallform for the building shell. The lightweight materials system was easier to transport to site and could be built quickly without the need for the usual mechanical handling and lifting equipment. Where recessed into the hillside, the Wallform is reinforced to function as the ground retaining wall without detracting from the thermal efficiency of the building. The excellent thermal insulation of the Wallform system did much to offset the high areas of glazing providing the panoramic vista from this comfortable home.

At One with the Environment

Taking account of the prevailing winds typical of the area, the unique building design also provides a sheltered area for parking cars and a courtyard area where it is possible to enjoy the local sunshine, protected by the house from the prevailing winds.

The combination of unique site, inspirational design and the flexible, efficient construction of BecoWallform has resulted in an individual home of quite exceptional character.

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