The Jablotron Futura is a unique MVHR system: Fully fully demand controlled and equipped with integrated add-ons for heating, cooling and room-by-room air quality adjustment, it is offering solutions that no other system can. As Passive House certified unit it ensures real high efficiencies, even in the deepest winter.


  • Lowest energy use frost protection by active humidity control without dis-balancing.
  • Demand controlled operation with CO2 and humidity sensors.
  • Modulated humidity recovery, which increases or decreases the moisture content of the supply air – to avoid a too dry or too humid indoor climate.
  • App control and monitoring software.
  • Bolt-on CO2 sensors in habitable rooms measure the indoor air quality, but not just the reading, but the actual CO2 trend. The air flow into each room will then be regulated with automatic volume flow dampers *.
  • Super boost with manual boost switches for all wet rooms.
  • Bolt-on integrated reversible air source heat pump for heating and cooling of the supply air *. Rooms that are starting to overheat will be specifically targeted with the cool air supply. Together with the heat recovery up to 3kW of heating can be provided.
    *The controls for these functions are integrated into the MVHR system.

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