The bluMartin freeAir 100 is a high performance decentral MVHR unit with Passivhaus certification. This MVHR system is fully demand controlled, according to:

  • Internal humidity,
  • CO2 levels and
  • Temperature of the extract air.

It adjusts the extract rate for each room to ensure that steam from cooking or a shower is taken away quickly and that CO2 levels are kept at bay.

The system does not operate in an intermittent way, but continuously supplies and extracts air. It can therefore be used for wet rooms and kitchens as well. An additional supply duct and extract duct can be connected to the system to extend the system into two more rooms.

The unit comes in different configurations:
– ductless MVHR unit for the supply and extract of a single room.
– decentral MVHR with additional supply or/ and extract ducts to connect one or two more rooms.

Cascade fans link in e.g. bedrooms into the fresh air supply from the MVHR unit without the need of ducting. These operate silently and are fully demand controlled, in the same way as the MVHR unit, but don’t connect to the outside.

A free software allows the monitoring of the air quality parameters and energy use and savings via WiFi link.

This decentral MVHR system is best suited for smaller properties, e.g. flats or small houses and holiday homes.

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