Zehnder ComfoAir Q is the new generation of heat recovery ventilation units, with state of the art design and intelligent technology that is great:

  • regardless of whether you are working on a new build or an old building,
  • Whether it is a standard build or a Passivhaus/ NZEB,
  • For any size dwelling from flat to large mansion.

It combines high performance MVHR with user-friendly operation. The commissioning wizard makes the installation of the system as easy as possible. The system is designed to last and is maintenance-friendly, as all components are easily accessible and removable.

The system comes with a versatile and innovative control technology, that enables the end-user to have as little or as much interaction with the system as they wish. We recommend the Zehnder ComfoControl app for iOS and Android devices.

Important features:

– It comes in three versions: max output 350, 450 and 600 m3/h
– New, state of the art counter-flow heat exchanger
– Optional ERV heat exchanger (with moisture recovery) providing best winter climate for larger dwellings
– Best Appendix Q performance: up to 96% heat recovery rate
– Maintenance free EC fans
– Mass flow constant (no dis-balancing and drop in performance over time)
– In-built humidity sensor
– In-built modulated defrost pre-heater
– Modulated summer bypass
– Monitoring facility
– Remote controllable via iPad and iPhone or computer
– Filter warning according to state of the filters
– Option to use enthalpy heat exchanger (heat and moisture recovery)

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