Graven Hill Project Routes: Golden Brick, Tailored Finish and Mix & Match

However involved you want to be in the design and build of your dream home, Graven Hill offers flexible routes
by Build It magazine
27th October 2018

Graven Hill has pioneered a choice of innovative, easy-to-understand models for people keen to build or customise their new home. Fundamentally, the goal is to make self building a simpler, more accessible and more affordable process – whatever your budget.

There are currently three routes to a bespoke home to choose from:

  • Golden Brick: self build serviced plots
  • Tailored Finish terraced and detached homes
  • Mix & Match

What is Graven Hill’s Golden Brick?

This route captures the essence of the self-build journey, giving you maximum control over how you deliver the project – but taking out some of the stress.

When you buy a serviced plot at Graven Hill, it will be provided on a ready-to-build Golden Brick basis.

You’ll already know the price for the land including utilities up to the plot boundary. At this point you’ll also be given an indication of what the groundworks and foundations phase might cost for a typical design.

The final price you pay for the Golden Brick works will depend on the exact design of your home; so this will be firmed up once the plans have been rubber stamped.

From Marc & Laura’s Self Build Blog:

Graven Hill golden brick works

Areas of the site are developed in phases to keep disruption to a minimum, construction work on our house is going on at the same time as work on the house next door.

Graven Hill requires a certain amount of space around our plot to put the Golden Brick in place, that is, the foundations of our property and the connecting services…

Read more: The Graven Hill Team Prepares Foundations

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, if you were to only buy the land, Graven Hill would have to charge you VAT at the usual 20%. Taking the Golden Brick approach means the purchase can be zero-rated for VAT, which brings the process in line with a conventional self-build.

Secondly, getting out of the ground is often the most risk-laden element of a project, as you can never be totally sure what conditions you’ll find until the first shovel hits the soil. “Buying a self-build plot from us means we take on all of that risk for you,” explains Karen Curtin from Graven Hill.

Once you’ve finalised the design of your new detached home, Graven Hill will cost up the foundations – and you then get a fixed price for the construction work up to ground floor slab level, which will depend on the size and complexity of the scheme.

You also get a full 10 year structural warranty on the Golden Brick works, which will be extended to cover the rest of the project.

From here you can manage the scheme as you see fit. For example, you could work with a single company to deliver the house on a turnkey basis, commission a structural shell and fit it out internally and externally, or project manage the individual trades yourself.

What is a Tailored Finish Home?

If you want to have control over the internal layout and finish of your home, but aren’t keen to manage the entire construction, the Tailored Finish route could be perfect.

With these plots, the Graven Hill Village Development Company takes care of the core construction work – so you purchase the complete shell of a terraced or detached property, and there’s no need for a plot passport.

Tailored Finish homes in Graven Hill

Tailored Finish homes allow residents to choose their home’s layout and finishes

A wide variety of Tailored Finish options are available in Phase 1B, from one-bed to five-bed homes. Unlike purchasing an identikit home from a major housebuilder, you can customise the scheme to suit your needs.

Buyers can select their preferences for the interior design, spec and layout from a menu of options. This includes key elements such as the size of each room, whether it is located to the front or the rear of the property, and the style of finishes you would like. You can also choose your preferred flooring, white goods, kitchen and more.

Progress is well underway on this part of the scheme. “Some Tailored Finish homes have now been handed over, so we have people living at Graven Hill,” says Karen.

What is a Mix & Match Home?

While many dream of having a bespoke home to suit their lifestyle, they may find the reality of self building – with all the decisions it involves – overwhelming.

However, if choosing and design or understanding costs is holding you back from building your own home, then a Mix & Match approach may be ideal for you.

With this route you’ll be able to pick your favourite plot and Graven Hill will offer you a variety of home designs (which comply with the plot’s passport) from different suppliers.

This means you’ll be able to know at the time of buying how much the plot, foundations and the house will cost.

Once you choose a design you’ll still be abe to discuss individual requirements with your supplier, thus making the changes you want for a happy forever home.

Main image: Notional design for a 4/5 bed detached self build home situated on the Community Street character areas of Graven Hill

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