Graven Hill Site Plan & Building Phases

Take a closer look at the Graven Hill site plan showing the opportunities on offer
by Build It magazine
20th October 2018

At Graven Hill, you’llget much more than you’ll find at a standard housing development. This is an opportunity to become part of a community of self and custom builders creating one-off homes that suit their individual needs.

A wide range of ready-to-go plots is available at Graven Hill, offering the opportunity to create a custom home to suit pretty much any taste, budget and lifestyle. And all within a well-organised setting full of open green areas and essential amenities, such as shops and social spaces.

Graven Hill is split into 11 Character Areas, each with its own identity. These range from the Community Streets, which offer maximum design freedom, through to the mews-like Urban Lane, the leafy Tree-Lined Boulevard and Rural Lane plots with field-facing views.

Each area has a variety of plot types to support different project approaches and house design choices.

Map of the Graven Hill self build development

There are two main plot types currently available. With Serviced Self build Plots, you’re buying a shovel-ready plot with key utilities provided as part of the sale price. You’ll then agree a fixed price for Graven Hill to complete foundations of your home to suit your design.

The Custom Build New Homes route offers you control over the internal layouts and finishes. Once you’ve made your choice, the experts then take care of building it.

Building in phases

Due to the volume of home building opportunities at Graven Hill, the plots are being stagger-released over a 10-year period. This will help to ensure people aren’t living on a continuous construction site.

The first set of plots were the 10 demonstrator plots followed in the TV show, Grand Designs The Street. Following this, Phases 1A and 1B took off, with a range of self build and custom home opportunities made available.

The infrastructure for the rest of Phase 1 has now been delivered, so Graven Hill is looking at the masterplan for Phase 2. This will see a new set of plots going on sale later in 2019.

Potton timber frame house

Read more: Self build opportunities at Graven Hill with Potton

“The idea is that we release the land in stages to allow people to build homes next to each other at the same sort of time,” says Karen Curtin, MD at Graven Hill. “This approach also ensures the relevant infrastructure is in the right areas at the right time.”

As of March 2019, 85 households had moved into their new homes at Graven Hill. So the village is really starting to take shape.

The Graven Hill self build community

“We’re trying to create is a village feel; a community of like-minded people who’ve all put love, sweat and tears into their homes,” says Karen. “Because of the nature of the development, that sense started to form quite early. There are groups set up to encourage you to meet your neighbours.

This is borne out in both the range of house types available and the delivery of global infrastructure for the site.

Graven Hill is not only putting in roads and services. There will also be a school, sports pitches, retail zones, a community centre, supermarket, coffee shops and employment space.

There will be new recreational parks, 22 hectares of grassland, protected trees and 1.9km of hedgerows to enhance the landscape. One key area, the Gateway Park, has already been completed.

Plus the village will be surrounded by open green spaces, including woodland, allotments and a network of cycle and footpaths.

How to visit Graven Hill

The Marketing Suite is your first port of call for more information about Graven Hill. Based on site, staff are on hand to provide information about plot and property types available, design and planning, how to reserve a plot and more.

You can also have a look around Graven Hill by taking one of the guided tours. Another great opportunity to find out more is to visit the Graven Hill Zone at Build It Live in Bicester.

People enquiring about Graven Hill at the Build It Live show

Arrange a Graven Hill Guided Tour

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