House Plans: Affordable Kit Home in Rural Scotland

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23rd November 2018

The Model D concept is an architect-designed it house that’s both sustainable and affordable.

The tall, narrow design is very much in keeping with traditional Aberdeenshire architecture, and features a steep pitched roof and overhanging eaves designed to protect the characterful larch cladding from the elements.

The Dawn and Torq Allen liked the Model D prototype but were clear from the outset that they intended to tweak the design so that the finished building would be exactly right for them.

  • Type of projectSelf Build
  • Construction MethodTimber Frame
  • House size172m2
  • Project cost£227,674
  • Project cost per m2£1,324

It helped that Torq is an engineer by profession; both of them felt comfortable looking at a two-dimensional plan and visualising the result in 3D.

“We decided to do away with the mezzanine,” says Dawn. “It’s beautiful and very dramatic but we just didn’t think the vaulted area it created would be practical. We wondered what we would do when we needed to tackle a cobweb in the corner or reach up to change a light bulb.”

Ground floor house plans First floor house plansAnother alteration that makes their home distinct from Bryan’s prototype is that the number of bedrooms has been reduced from three to two. This created enough space for a study between the master bedroom and upstairs lounge.

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