Self-Build Potential at Welborne Garden Village

Shona Jackson
by Shona Jackson
7th February 2018

A land opportunity for aspiring home builders may soon become available in Fareham, Hampshire.

Custom and self-build housing plots could be offered as part of the Welbourne Garden Village development. The project includes planning for 6,000 homes, set within 270 acres of green space.

The Right to Build Task Force, which was established to help local authorities provide large and affordable home building opportunities for individuals, met with Fareham Borough council to discuss the possibility of including self-build land across the site.

Mario Wolf, Director of the RTB Task Force, said: “I am pleased that the Borough Council has approached us for advice. Garden villages such as Welborne are well placed to include an ambitious and diverse custom and self-build housing offer to local communities. We look forward to working with the team at Fareham.”

Plans for the Welborne project also include health and sports facilities, new schools, shops and allotments.

The creation of such opportunities is part of government legislation introduced in 2016, aimed at supporting aspiring self-builders who want to build their own homes.

Demand for plots is measured by the Right to Build registers, and with over 33,000 people now signed up, local authorities across England must give development permission for enough sites to meet this interest.

Through its work, the Right to Build Task Force has already secured prospective planning permission for 165 self-build plots at Aylesbury Woodlands, part of Aylesbury Garden Village.

Other development opportunities in the pipeline include Tresham Garden Village and locations across the wider North Northamptonshire area. The Task Force is currently advising on these projects to promote affordable land for self-builders.

If you’re interested in building your own home you can find your local council’s Right to Build register here.

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