House Plans: Three Bedroom SIPs Home on The Isle of Skye

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5th February 2019

Before the days of technology, the promise of a summer adventure here would have been every child’s dream; and this was certainly the case for Donald MacKinnon, who has very fond memories of visiting this Scottish island.

“My father was brought up here, as were my grandparents, so I always remember visiting on school holidays,” he says. “When my wife and I were first married we also lived on the island for some years, so it’s always been a location close to my heart. It’s a place with many happy memories for both of us.”

For several years, Donald and his wife Sarah had spoken about the prospect of building their own home. So when they inherited the family’s croft it made perfect sense to accelerate their plans.

  • NamesDonald MacKinnon & Sarah Walker
  • type of projectSelf Build
  • LocationIsle of Skye
  • House Size107m2
  • Project Cost£319,000
  • Project Cost per m2£2,981

Three bedroom house plan ground floor Three bedroom house plan first floor

Despite its prime location, the Isle of Skye poses some difficulties in terms of terrain and climate. The mountainous landscape and ferocious weather requires a certain breed of builder and therefore Donald was keen to use local specialists who were familiar with the conditions and challenges of the island.

The house design was taken from the HebHomes Longhouse range.

The linear form allows the property to slot easily into the landscape, with the main glazing orientated to make full use of passive solar gain.

The standard Longhouse scheme aims to maximise living space, with the focal point being a double-height vaulted ceiling in the main living area that helps to create a stunning effect.

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