Second fix work

by Gill Deeks
22nd May 2010

This month the focus has been on getting the second-fix work underway, drylining, and getting the blockwork and rendering done so that the house would be ready for its first coat of paint.

It’s been busy, busy, busy, and we’ve had workers inside and out. The great thing about this period is there’s been lots we can do to help out the professionals – to this end we’ve had friends and family lending a hand, too. And it’s been completely worthwhile, as the house is really beginning to take shape.

Early in the month, Potton arrived with all the second-fix joinery including the stairs, skirting boards and doors to be fitted indoors and out. Their recommended carpenter, Tom, who was doing all the second-fix joinery, was amazing.

Every morning, without fail, he turned up at 6.30am. He worked tirelessly throughout the day and did a beautiful job, which was quite a feat when he and the team got to the loft area. The temperature up there was – if you can forgive the pun – through the roof!

One personal detail we love is the door Tom made for the understairs cupboard. It looks like a mini front door, which we’ll put a knocker on and, at Christmas, dress with a wreath so our grandkids can have a ‘built in’ playhouse. It’s things like this that make self building such fun.

Meanwhile, the plumber and electrician have been working hard to get us to the point where we have lighting and heating, which is a huge job when you see the sheer number of cables and pipes making their way through the studwork. Rather them than us!

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