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Four Walls Group Present Project Management at Your Fingertips

Are you project managing your build? Struggling to stay organised and avoid common self-build pitfalls? No budget to hire a project manager? We can help with that!

Four Steps Ahead is a revolutionary new project management software designed specifically for self-builders. It condenses the knowledge, experience, and processes developed by Four Walls Group over two decades into a handy tool you can take with you anywhere.

Key benefits of the Four Steps Ahead platform are:

  • Create your vision. 
  • Craft your schedule 
  • Build & manage your budget. 
  • Track your project progress. 
  • Checklists for everything! 
  • Insights, tips, and templates to help you achieve your dream home!

Fours Steps Ahead is designed specifically to support self-builders who want to manage their own build, allowing you to use the same tools as a professional project manager, at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. We’ve packed the app with essential tips and checklists tailored to each stage of the project, so you can avoid common pitfalls along with stay on time and budget with expert guidance. If you need more help at any point, there’s a panic button on each page that will let you book a 1:1 consultation with a highly experienced project manager for extra support.

Each stage of your project is broken down for you in order, complete with stage specific tips and a checklist of essentials to make sure you don’t forget anything crucial before you move on. In addition to the tips, you’ll find a list of templates in the resources section that will help you manage your build like a pro!

If you would like to find out more visit our website and book a no obligation Discovery meeting today!

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