KNX-based smart home system

What was supposed to be harmless surgery after a hernia ended up badly for Sylvia Krosse. By sheer misfortune, complications led to paraplegia. From that moment on, it was a long way for her and her family to be able to lead a “normal” family life again. 


  • KNX-based smart home system with simple programming and operation


  • LUXORliving smart home system with Meteodata KNX weather station
  • Programming with convenient LUXORplug Windows software instead of complex ETS
  • Operation via LUXORplay app
  • Easy creation of individual scenes
  • Integration of indoor and outdoor lighting, windows, blinds and wheelchair-accessible exterior door
  • Option to integrate smoke detectors and cameras
  • Use of push buttons and dimmers from other manufacturers

“After the surgery, I spent some time in hospital and then a few months in a rehabilitation centre,” says Sylvia. It was there that René came up with the idea of converting their house. “I was absolutely certain,” says René.

“Sylvia would be living at home again. In the rehabilitation centre, she had a spacious room equipped with all the amenities, so she could do many things herself. Also the people taking care of her were able to do their work without any problems. I wanted the same thing at home.”

René took precise measurements of the room and analysed the equipment. “Then I quickly applied for permission to build an extension with bedroom and bathroom to our house. I used the ergonomic dimensions of the care room in the rehabilitation centre as a starting point. After the permit was granted, I asked my colleague at TechTron which building automation system I should use.

I install these systems myself, but I am not a programmer. Since I wanted to do as much as possible of the extension myself, which included the installation of the systems, I was looking for a simple but versatile smart home system. My colleague Gert van Dijk advised me to talk to Theben. In his opinion, LUXORliving was the system I needed.”

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