Secret garden home in East London

Charley Ward
by Charley Ward
22nd May 2019

Tucked away behind a London brick wall with a concealed front door, The Gouse is a three bedroom end-of-garden property in East London, designed by the award-winning interior architect Marta Nowicka for DOMstayandlive.

Its name derives from ‘garage – house’, as the location on the plot was originally used as a parking amenity.

The designer’s main goal was to conserve the character of this site.

As such, Marta created a narrative around the concept of the end of a garden and what you might find there, being sure to also emphasise a strong connection between the dwelling’s inside and outside spaces.

Behind the hidden entrance, you are welcomed by a bright space featuring huge glass doors looking onto the rear lace-brick wall.

The cedar shingles on the upper level resemble a shed-like structure seeking to blend in with the landscape.

The interior is finished with materials commonly found inside an outbuilding; terracotta, parquet flooring, rusted metal and ladder-like stairs.

A stone-clad shower room has a glazed roof while light wells, full-height windows and glass landings circulate natural light to all three floors.

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