Quality clay roof tiles

Quality clay roof tiles

Dreadnought are renowned for their high quality clay roof tiles made on the same site in Brierley Hill, West Midlands since 1805. Choose from 3 ranges, Classic Handmade, Handcrafted Rustic or Machine Made, all made from the same Etruria Marl clay and in beautiful natural clay tones.

Create the roof you’ve been dreaming of…

The small format of Dreadnought clay tiles together with a wide range of special fittings and ornamentals tiles allow you to create a roof that is truly individual. Whether you are looking for a modern minimalist style or a highly traditional aesthetic, a roof of quality Dreadnought clay tiles can give your home the wow factor!

Dreadnought tiles are suitable for all projects, whether you are building from scratch, converting or extending a property, or renovating your family home, Dreadnought clay roof tiles offer solutions to enhance your roof.

Modern performance standards

Our tiles are manufactured to exceed BS EN 1304:2013. Freeze Thaw Standards require plain clay tiles used in the UK to withstand at least 150 freeze/thaw cycles under method E of European Standard EN 539-2:2013. We regard this as too low for our climate and we therefore test ours to withstand at least 400 cycles.

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