Seamless Ventilation for roofs

Effective Ventilation that is discrete and seamless

Dreadnought offer a range of discrete but effective ventilation products that will not interfere with the aesthetics of your clay tiled roof.

High insulation requirements and modern construction practices have produced increased condensation in the roofspace and there are now mandatory requirements for ventilation in the roof.

The amount required depends on whether it is a cold roof (where there is a cold uninhabited loftspace above the insulation) or a warm roof (where the roof has become part of the living space and has small or no voids above sloping insulation).

Alongside their clay tile range, Dreadnought offer a range of Tileline ventilation products to ventilate your roof without disturbing the roofline. As clay tiles are largely specified for the aesthetic contribution they make, this is really important: early ventilation products and some cheap solutions still available today are made of incompatible materials and are ugly and prominent.

Dreadnought Tileline Ventilation systems are discrete and integrate seamlessly with the tiles; they do not disturb the design of the roof. The ventilation products not only match the colour of the tiles, but also lie flush with the tiling or the ridge line.

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